Posttraumatic Stress among Youths in Juvenile Detention



Derek Falk, Sanna J. Thompson & Julia Sanford

Journal of Evidence-Based Social Work

Volume 11, Issue 4, 2014



An estimated 1.8 million juveniles were arrested in the United States for delinquency in 2009. Previous studies indicate high rates of exposure to traumatic events and posttraumatic stress (PTS) symptoms for these youths. This study examined PTS in a sample of 170 youths in juvenile detention. The results of this study reveal higher rates of PTS symptoms (21%) compared to national rates (6%). The data also suggest youths suffering from more PTS symptoms also report higher depression, anxiety, anger, family relationship worries, thought problems, and attention problems. These factors provide a direction for continued practice targeting these youths.






Human Services and Justice Coordinating Committee